Global Foxcom to supply U.S. Navy with a new indoor GPS and Satcom repeater system

Singapore, 6th December 2023 - Global Invacom Group (SGX: QS9) a leading provider of satellite ground network equipment, announces its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Foxcom, has been awarded a government contract to supply its latest military grade, Iridium/GPS Repeater System to the U.S. Navy. 

Designed and optimized to provide GPS and satellite communications coverage to sub-deck and sub-terranean facilities, the military grade system underwent rigorous testing and verification to ensure 24/7 service and operational continuity without line-of-sight to the orbiting satellites above.

“The Iridium/GPS Repeater System is an important addition to our solution portfolio, enabling us to extend satellite coverage to facilities on land and sea, where it helps optimize our response readiness and the security of our staff and assets,” said Frank Montgomery, Project Engineer for the U.S. Navy.

Global Foxcom Managing Director, Yaakov ben-Harosh added: “Working with the U.S. Navy and several other military clients helped us optimize a product platform that is fit for multiple deployment scenarios. But it’s not just about the product, no two military use-cases are identical, so our planning and modelling services are an integral part of the overall solution.”

The Iridium/GPS Repeater System is available now. Using advanced RF over Fiber (RFoF) technology, military vessels and facility operators can extend satellite coverage to below-deck and underground locations.

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