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We can design, test and mass produce new products for large clients and provide specialist advice for major installation projects.


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We manufacture across 3 continents using efficient and high precision processes creating high quality, long lasting products which are cost effective.



We have a range of distributors around the world we work closely with so wherever in the world you need a connection we can provide it quickly and efficiently.


Recent articles

December 18, 20

Global Invacom (Shanghai) Co., Ltd incorporated in China and opens new location for Global Invacom Group

The newest of Global Invacom Group's corporate organisations, Global Invacom (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (“GIS”) was incorporated in China on the 2nd of December 2020. The company is located in the Free Tr...

News October 28, 20

Global Invacom graduate RF Engineer's research published in The Royal Society

We're really pleased to share that one of our graduate RF Engineers, Upasana Dagia, has had a research paper published by The Royal Society. The paper is based on research Upasana completed as par...

News October 28, 20

COVID-19 Statement

The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance and we have implemented a number of measures to protect our global workforce aligned with the latest government and industry recommendations.

SGX July 15, 19

Incorporation of New Subsidiary in Jakarta

Global Invacom is pleased to announce the incorporation of a new subsidiary in Jakarta, PT Global Invacom Indonesia (“GI2”), to support new sales and marketing activities across the APAC region.

Global Invacom Group

Global Invacom Group is made up of a number of companies that create the complete solution for satellite communications through the development and making of antennas, electronics for transmitting, receiving and distribution of signals, mounts and mechanisms for positioning and tracking signals and waveguides.

Read about each of the manufacturing companies and how they contribute to Global Invacom being a world leader in complete solutions for any satellite communications requirement.


Companies we have worked with

Working with, designing for and supplying major broadcasters and corporations around the world.

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We can provide solutions whether you are working on installing a new complete system, upgrading an old one or need a replacement part.

Antenna with motorisation
Motorized, automated tracking and transportable antenna systems

We have a range of systems for ground stations and transportable antenna systems to enable easy tracking of satellite signals.

View motorisation and transportable products

Fibre IRS kit

Transmitting, receiving and distribution of satellite signals are easy with our wide range of electronics to create a complete system or just get the one device you need.

View electronics

Diagram of satellite signal repeaters set up
Satellite signal repeater systems

We have a unique range of products which enable the transfer or extension of satellite signals indoors including aircraft hangers and underground for Iridium, Inmarsat and GPS.

View signal repeaters

GTU Multiswitch
RF over fibre and fibre to the home

Transmit your signals more effectively across large distances and to thousands of locations using our Fibre Integrated Reception System.

View fibre products

Waveguide bend

Extensive range of standard & custom components for flexible and rigid waveguides used in a wide range of equipment from radar to radiotherapy.

View waveguides

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