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Global Skyware is pleased to announce the availability of new Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT RF BUC’s

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Recent articles

NEW May 25, 22

Global launches private SCADA Satellite networking system Hub and Remote Terminals.

New bundles of antennas, VSAT transceiver, hub and remote router available for SCADA Satellite communications networks. All RF equipment designed and manufactured by Global Skyware The platform i...

NEW September 08, 21

New Ku-Band & C-Band

Global Skyware is pleased to announce the availability of new Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT RF BUC’s to extend the range of the current VSAT RF Electronics product portfolio. The new Ku BUC’s allow Glo...

NEW August 20, 21

Introducing the NEW OTx and the O2O

Global Invacom has two new exciting products launching soon, the OTx and O2O. Introducing the new OTx, a new headend which can convert both satellite and terrestrial RF into optical signals that a...

Global Invacom Group

Global Invacom Group is made up of a number of companies that create the complete solution for satellite communications through the development and making of antennas, electronics for transmitting, receiving and distribution of signals, mounts and mechanisms for positioning and tracking signals and waveguides.

Read about each of the manufacturing companies and how they contribute to Global Invacom being a world leader in complete solutions for any satellite communications requirement.


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Working with, designing for and supplying major broadcasters and corporations around the world.

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We can provide solutions whether you are working on installing a new complete system, upgrading an old one or need a replacement part.

Data Over Satellite (DOS) components

Transmitting, receiving and distribution of satellite signals are easy with our wide range of products to create a complete system or just get the one device you need.

View range of Data Over Satellite (DOS) components

Motorisation, tracking and transportable

We have a range of systems for ground stations and transportable antenna systems to enable easy tracking of satellite signals.

View range of Motorisation, tracking and transportable

RF over Fibre (RFoF)

Our wide range of fibre optic links, repeaters and other communications equipment are used by major satellite operators, teleports and broadcast facilities around the world.

View range of RF over Fibre (RFoF)


Extensive range of standard & custom components for flexible and rigid waveguides used in a wide range of equipment from radar to radiotherapy.

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