Satellite ground equipment, technology, and innovation

Serving SatCom, SatTV, and GNSS ground networks in over 120 countries.

For over thirty years, our companies have served the satellite ground equipment market, delivering an extensive portfolio of innovative and award winning technologies, products, and solutions.

Today, our specialist multi-tech R&D teams continue to focus on innovation for SatCom, SatTV, and GNSS applications.

With millions of products deployed, our technology underpins the largest satellite broadband and broadcast networks in the world. And uniquely, we continue to manufacture all our products in-house, giving us total quality control and assuring our customers of optimal supply chain resilience.

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Our Companies

Our R&D teams are constantly striving to innovate, testing and devloping new technology that can be enhance existing or inspire new products. Here we share some of our latest concepts.

A specialist in SatCom ground equipment for GEO, MEO, and LEO networks, Global Skyware designs, develops and manufactures a large portfolio of VSAT and Gateway products and solutions operating in Ka, Ku, C, X and other bands. The portfolio includes:

  • Patented ultra-rugged and lightweight composite antennas
  • High performance Transceivers, BUCs and LNBs
  • Integrated VSAT ODUs and Terminals for fixed, fly-away, and drive-away use cases
  • Integrated Gateway ODUs and Terminals
  • End-to-End Narrowband (IoT/SCADA) and Broadband Platforms
  • Apexsat moto-control solutions for GEO-Inclined retrofit, MEO and LEO terminals and gateways (ground stations)

Renowned for performance and reliability, millions of Global Skyware products are deployed today, serving both commercial and military use cases in land an marine environments.

A multi-technology specialist, Global Foxcom produces innovative RF over Fibre (RFoF) based solutions for commercial and military applications spanning the SatCom and GNSS market segments. The Global Foxcom portfolio includes:

  • Indoor, underground and below-deck GPS and hybrid GPS-SatCom solutions
  • In-building fibre-based broadband distribution systems
  • Lossless RFoF Transport solutions for Gateway Antenna to Operations Centre connections

An award winning pioneer in the SatTV ground equipment industry, Global Invacom specializes in the design, development and manufacture of products and solutions for delivery and distribution of digital satellite broadcast TV services (DTH/DTV). These include:

  • Ultra-rugged, lightweight, and low profile SatTV antennas
  • Advanced Low Noise Blocks (LNBs) and integrated ODUs
  • In-building SatTV distribution : Fibre or WiFi

Formerly known as Quasar and The Waveguide Solution, Global Waveguide designs and produces specialized high-performance waveguide products for demanding use-cases in market sectors that include SatCom, SatTV, Aerospace (Civil and Military) and Healthcare. A custom design service compliments a range of off-the-shelf products that include:

  • Rigid Waveguide
  • Flex-Twist Waveguide
  • Waveguide Terminations
  • Waveguide Junctions
  • Waveguide Adaptors

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