Our Products and Solutions in Action

Trusted for reliability, durability, and performance, our products and solutions have been adopted and deployed in over 120 countries serving myriad commercial, government and military use cases.

Our Markets

Residential & Enterprise Broadband

Our antennas, radio electronics, ODUs, and terminals are designed for optimal system gain, maximizing throughput and minimizing antenna sizes for broadband VSAT user terminals.

Our Markets

Upstream & Midstream Oil & Gas

Our highly specialized Narrowband IoT and SCADA platform (Skyware 3500) delivers resilient, secure and TCO -efficient connectivity for monitoring, control, and analytics applications vital for safe and optimal operation of upstream and midsteram oil and gas infrastructure.

Our Markets


Our companies produce a range of SatCom and GNSS products and solutions optimized for military grade use cases. These include fly-away flat-pack & back-pack user terminals, vehicle-integrated user terminals, and indoor or underground non-line-of-sight GPS & SatCom solutions.

Our Markets


Deliver robust and secure connectivity to remote facilities, emergency response vehicles, or temporary crisis centres using our permanent and quick deploy user-terminal and gateway ODUs optimized for government use cases.

Our Markets

Transport Networks

Road, Rail, and Waterway newtorks require constant monitoring and surveillance, often in remote or underground locations. Our Broadband, IoT/SCADA, and Unerground GPS-SatCom Repeater solutions comprise the industry's most complete SatCom portfolio for transport network operators.

Our Markets

5G Mobile Backhaul

Extending the advantages of 5G coverage to remote areas is more viable than ever with our range of VSAT ODU solutions that scale to deliver 100s of Mbps of backhaul capacity over GEO, MEO, LEO networks.

Our Markets


Gas, Water and Electricity networks are all transitioning to a SmartGrid infrastructure for monitoring, control and operational data acquisition. Our specialized IoT and SCADA platform (the Skyware 3500) provides the most scalable and cost efficient SatCom SmartGrid solution available in the industry.

Our Markets

Satellite on the Pause (SOTP)

When it comes to providing ad-hoc broadband connectivity to staff or vehicles in remote and temporary locations, we have a complete range of commercial and military-grade fly-away and vehicle mounted quick-deploy antennas and ODUs.

Our Markets

Satellite TV

Millions of our high performance metal and composite satellite dishes and innovative receiver electronics (Low Noise Blocks) have been deployed by largest SatTV network operators.

Our Markets

Aviation MRO

Moving aircraft out of their Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul hangars for avionics testing is hugely expensive and time consuming. These overheads are eliminated using our innovative GNSS portfolio of Indoor GPS and GPS-SatCom solutions.

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