About our People

Working at Global Invacom Group means being part of an international team, passionate about finding innovative approaches to connecting people, places and the Internet of Things.

Our culture encourages creativity, collaboration, and leadership in all roles. We seek those who share our passion and vision together. Join us and together help achieve our goals.

About our Industry

The growth in LEO and MEO constellations and the emerging and disruptive business models these new space networks are generating make this one of the most exciting times in our industry.

Focused on innovative products and solutions for this new space network paradigm, our R&D teams are working with several new technologies including Software Defined Radio (SDR), 5/6G SpaceRAN, AI Satellite Tracking and Switching Orchestration, and Scalable Phased Array Antennas.


Join the Global Invacom Family

Our Passion

Our teams are inspired by developing the most innovative and valuable satellite ground network equipment in the industry.

Our People

With locations across the globe we welcome talented people with a stong dedication to collaboration and open communication.

Our Teams

We can design, test and mass produce new products for large clients and provide specialist advice for major installation projects.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our ethos has always been to welcome talented people from all walks of life and nurture them in a culture of tolerance and respect.

Our Passion

We put creativity and innovation at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about fulfilling the needs of our customers. We care about quality and value for money. We strive to maintain our position as one of the leading global manufacturers of satellite ground equipment.

Our People

We seek to develop the skills, talents and interests of all our employees. We have high expectations and high aspirations for all and our vision is one of customer excellence and employee satisfaction.

We are proud of the individuals who work for us – they each bring a unique set of skills and experiences to our group.

We know that individuals need recognition and reward: we strive to enable all colleagues within the business to reach their full potential.

Our Teams

We welcome talented individuals across a range of job categories including: Sales, Customer Services, R&D, Mechanical Engineering, Software Development, Production & Operations, HR, Finance, IT, Administration and Stock Handling.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to embedding equality and inclusion in all of our practices and aim to establish an inclusive culture, that celebrates diversity, is free from discrimination and based on the values of dignity and respect.


We have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees. We are committed to establishing a positive health and wellbeing culture that includes awareness and understanding, effective processes, and positive behaviour by staff at all levels.

We recognise that people experiencing mental ill health continue to report stigma and discrimination. We are committed to creating a supportive and open culture where colleagues are able to talk about mental health. We are committed to ensuring that our employees feel safe in disclosing any mental health conditions and confident that they will be properly supported.

As part of our wellbeing programme we offer all colleagues access to a “Confidential Staff Helpline” that operates 24/7 and a dedicated website which focusses on healthy living and supporting good mental health.

Whistle-Blower Policy

Our Whistle-Blower Policy applies to concerns about conduct or behaviour (by or within Global Invacom Group or any of its subsidiaries), suspected or actual, that is perceived or observed to be criminal, unethical or otherwise unwholesome, including any (known or suspected) breach of applicable national or international laws, including but not limited to:

  • Financial malpractice or impropriety
  • Fraud or corruption or any dishonest act
  • Criminal activity including forgery or falsification of and alteration to Company documents/accounts
  • Breach of legal obligation (including negligence, breach of contracts)
  • Danger of destruction to and unsafe practices in the work environment
  • Improper conduct or unethical behaviour (e.g., disclosure of confidential and proprietary information to party(ies) without prior authorization and a need-to-know basis, accepting/seeking anything of material value from business associates e.g., vendors)
  • Attempts to conceal any of the above
  • Any other similar or related inappropriate conduct or activities that might lead to other damaging implications to the Group.

Our confidential whistle-blowing channels (noted below) can be used by staff to raise these concerns anonymously, without fear of retaliation. It alerts management to allegations of crimes or other suspected misconduct and helps ensure appropriate and adequate action is taken to address the situation. Our whistle-blowing channels are:

  • By email to the ARC Chairman (whistle.blowing@globalinvacom.com); or
  • By surface mail attention to the ARC Chairman, and marked as “Private and Confidential” (address: 7 Temasek Boulevard, #32-00 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987).

After the whistle-blower’s concern has been received an acknowledgement of receipt will be provided and the process outlined in the Whistle-Blower Policy is activated.
The utmost care is taken to protect the identity of whistle-blower's and the confidentiality of such actions, within the limits defined by applicable laws and regulations.