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Global Invacom Group

Global Invacom Group is made up of a number of companies that create the complete solution for satellite communications through the development and making of antennas, electronics for transmitting, receiving and distribution of signals, mounts and mechanisms for positioning and tracking signals and waveguides.

Read about each of the manufacturing companies and how they contribute to Global Invacom being a world leader in complete solutions for any satellite communications requirement and view our complete corporate structure.

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Our companies

About Global Invacom Limited

Global Invacom Limited is the centre of development for our Low Noise Block (LNB) and switch designs for the Direct To Home (DTH) market. Along with Global Foxcom in Israel, it also develops fibre solutions, particularly focussing on the distribution of satellite TV signals to multiple dwellings or recipients and also the distribution of these signals, in High Definition using Wi-Fi. The designs can be generic or customer focussed for specific requirements using either coaxial or fibre connectivity.

As well as current requirements, Global Invacom Limited is also the home for advanced Research & Development, looking to identify emerging technologies and their relevance and potential application in the satellite ground equipment market.

As Global Communications (UK) Limited, the company was the origin of today’s group and became Global Invacom Limited in 2008 following the integration with Invacom Limited and was responsible for a number of world design firsts in the satellite ground equipment market.

About Global Skyware

Global Skyware designs and manufactures the antenna solutions that enable the world’s leading communications equipment companies to deliver data via satellite.

We offer solutions for Very Small Aperture Terminal (Data over Satellite (DOS)/VSAT), Satellite Broadband or direct-to-home TV connectivity.

Global Skyware is the only fully vertically integrated high volume producer of metal and sheet molded compound antennas in the world. We make our own resins, stamp, press and paint our metal and composite products in our own factory to provide the highest levels of quality control.

We have been designing and making antennas for C, Ku, Ka bands and more for over 40 years in Smithfield, North Carolina and our highly engineered products, simple assembly and long term field reliability are well known in the industry.

Our full range of small to midsize antennas offer solutions for projects of all sizes, from a lone installation in your most remote location to tens of thousands of terminals providing high quality and reliable internet service to homes across the planet.

Our factory utilizes advanced manufacturing systems, tools, techniques and processes that ensure quality products are shipped from our dock to yours safely. We can even arrange the shipping for you and support your most demanding logistics challenges.

Our engineering team has advanced tools, software and methods to turn your concepts into products. Our comprehensive antenna range testing facilities are used by the leading service providers to ensure regulatory and performance compliance.

Global Skyware was formed following the acquisition of Satellite Acquisition Corporation by Global Invacom in August 2015.

The Group (through the acquired Raven companies) was the designer and supplier of the world’s first Ka consumer broadband antenna deployed by Wild Blue in 2004. Skyware has now manufactured more than 3.8 million consumer broadband antennas since 2009 which are now deployed in North America and Europe. These cost effective antennas provide guaranteed Radio Frequency (RF) performance by providing accurate and repeatable reflector surfaces, high accuracy pressure die cast feed components, and mounts which allow very accurate antenna alignment with minimal installation time.

About Global Skyware Limited

Global Skyware Ltd is a global leader in advanced satellite RF electronics, with operations on three continents and extensive expertise in the world’s most in-demand satellite communications technologies. Global Skyware Ltd’s winning combination of high performance design, cutting edge technology and low-cost manufacturing makes its RF electronics platforms unique in the market.

Global Skyware Ltd’s flagship Very Small Aperture Terminal (Data over Satellite (DOS)/VSAT) products include the market’s leading enterprise 1.5W and 3W Ka-Band transceiver, and the world’s most versatile 5W Ka-Band transceiver with electronic polarization switching.

Global Skyware Ltd also have low power Ku-Band transceivers as well as complimentary Block Up Converter’s (BUC) and Low Noise Block's (LNB).

About Global Professional

Global Professional specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke and core equipment as used in the satellite broadcast industries.

Our equipment range includes both stand alone and 19 inch rack mount products, suitable for use in uplink stations, cable heads, SNGV's, outside broadcast trucks, GPS, Data over Satellite (DOS)/VSAT and teleports. By the nature of the product range, many are custom specific and with the wealth of our experience and leading edge technology we can deliver specific solutions to many of our customers.

All products are designed and hand built in the UK to an extremely high standard by our engineers and technicians.

About Global Invacom Waveguide

We're an industry leader with over 75 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of flexible and rigid waveguides and provide the complete technical solution for defence, medical and communication markets.

We utilize industry standard CAD software and provide full Radio Frequency (RF), microwave and mechanical design capability and offer an extensive range of standard & custom components designed and manufactured by our team of experienced engineers.

Global Invacom Waveguide’s microwave expertise dates back to the middle of the last century. The Waveguide Solution was formed in 2002 from Quasar, Gabriel and Mid Century and brought together all their Intellectual Property.

In 2012 The Waveguide Solution was acquired by Global Invacom and renamed in 2017 to bring the business in line with Global Invacom’s wider brand and provide consistency across all areas of the Group.

We're located in a new purpose built factory in the Heathfield area of Newton Abbot. This large, modern unit provides a centre of excellence for waveguide manufacture.

The site also has dedicated microwave testing facilities, clean assembly areas, mechanical inspection areas and a comprehensive machining facility. This new facility enables a fast, consistent standard of production, accurate quality control and optimal manufacturing flow.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

About Global Foxcom

We are a leading manufacturer of advanced Radio Frequency (RF) optical solutions for the commercial, government and military & defense markets.

Our fibre optic links are deployed around the world on numerous military platforms, whether fixed or mobile, land-based, airborne or maritime. Our capabilities cover DC to 18GHz, delivering unprecedented performance under the most demanding situations. We have more than 50,000 links deployed worldwide across satellite operators, defense organisations, integrators and broadcasters.

Building on our strong technological foundation of field-proven RF optical solutions we are an industry leader in product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

About Apexsat

We manufacture motorized & transportable antennas and are one of the few companies which have the ability to supply a full product range of motorisations for Satellite and Microwave Communications. The multiple options and types of products we manufacture enable you to set up a very flexible and demand oriented broadband network anywhere on earth where satellite signal coverage is available. 

Our multi axis antennas are based on the latest technical achievements in mechanical and positioning engineering. The cutting edge technology applied by our CANopen controllers and positioners is one of the most advanced in the industry in terms of tracking and accurate positioning.

Global Invacom (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

The newest of Global Invacom Group's corporate organisations, Global Invacom (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (“GIS”) was incorporated in China on the 2nd of December 2020.

The company is located in the Free Trade Zone of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China and the principal activities are the provision of supply chain services, product quality and engineering support for Global Invacom Group. 

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