Data over Satellite

As a world leading provider of satellite communications ground equipment we have solutions for antennas and electronics for receiving, transmitting and distributing signals.

We have a wide range of products and solutions for Data Over Satellite (DOS) transfer and signal transfers for indoor and underground use of GPS, Imarsat, Iridium and GNSS signals.

Satellite antenna mounted on a roof
Receive, transmit and distribute

We are the world’s only full-service outdoor unit supplier of satellite antenna products and electronic services for Ku-band and Ka-band frequency platforms. We are also the only business that designs and manufactures both electronics and antenna solutions.

We can provide full systems for large facilities with multiple buildings or multiple dwellings through our outdoor units and Fibre IRS distribution or single electronic components when you need them.

We also have a wide selection of motorised and automated tracking systems and controllers for antennas which enable more effective tracking of signals particularly for the fast-evolving Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite markets.

Satellite antennas in a teleport
Fibre optic transfer

Our fibre optic links are used by major satellite operators, teleports and broadcast facilities around the world to connect between their antennas and control rooms.

We offer a full range of Wideband, L-Band, IF and C, X and Ku Band frequencies, including a host of accessories for high performance satellite transmission and RF monitoring and control needs.

Transmission distances up to 100km can be achieved without the need for repeaters or amplification. We have both indoor and outdoor solutions for a wide range of applications such as:

Earth Stations and Teleports

Broadcast Facilities

Data over Satellite (DOS)/VSAT Hubs and Terminals

Maritime Antennas

IP Gateways

TT&C Stations

Fibre optic cables plugged into a splitter
Radio Frequency over Fibre (RFoF)

Our RFoF links are used to transport down-converted IF signals from a satellite signal feed. Our RF Optic solutions are capable of transporting signals ranging from DC-18GHz catering to a wide range of applications over long distances. Typically, RFoF links receive the down-converted satellite signals from a remote antenna.

The technology creates light which is modulated by a radio frequency signal and transmitted over a fibre optic cable. Optical fibre works by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fibre, rather than electrical signals over copper. The main technical advantages of using fibre optical links are lower transmission losses, immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference, flexibility and ease of installation. Our high dynamic range DFB laser delivers exceptional signal quality for the most demanding of applications.

Our Platinum product line is designed to meet the increasing requirements for modularity and high-performance in a small form factor for superior long-distance transmission.

Diagram of satellite signal repeater set up
Satphone and GPS Repeaters

Our pioneering satellite phone repeater solution enables Iridium satellite handset users to make multiple and concurrent calls within any size building or underground facility. Similarly we can enable GPS and other positioning signals to be relayed inside buildings and hangers which can save time and money through not having to move aircraft for avionics testing.

A satellite above Earth

We have a range of rigid and flexible waveguide custom components optimised for satellite applications.

We are involved with the Indian Government’s satellite programme where components have been successfully designed and manufactured for satellite testing, required to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

We can provide space qualified flight components and our engineering department has gained invaluable experience providing flight components for: 


Hotbird II, III, IV & V

Skynet 4D, 4E & 4F


Astra 2B

Intelsat KTV


Nilesat F18 F2




Outside Broadcast Van antenna
Satellite News Gathering (SNG) & Uplink

We offer complete routing, design and layout services and can also supply redundancy and switching systems.

For satellite news gathering, outside broadcast and teleport applications we have:


Custom Rigids



High Power Loads and


Let's Work Together

Our expert satellite ground equipment team is on hand to help you chose or configure the optimal SatCom, SatTV, or Indoor GNSS solution for your needs.