We have a range of products designed for harsh environments and military use for communications and waveguides as part of other military systems.

Military communications

Our fibre optic links are used around the world on numerous different military platforms, whether fixed applications or mobile, land based, airborne or maritime. We have Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) solutions for both indoor and outdoor scenarios for applications that include:

VHF/UHF tactical radio optical extenders & repeaters

Optical links for satellite earth stations up to 18GHz

10MHz & 1pps noise free optical distribution systems

Hybrid RF/Data optical transportation systems

Optical Delay Lines

Iridium and GPS repeater solutions

Radio Fibre Optic Extension Systems with universal adaptive hopping frequency support 

Flexible waveguides and associated components

Military equipment

With naval, airborne, ground fixed and man portable applications to 65GHz, we offer standard & custom passive rf products with complete design, manufacture and installation services.

We offer the complete solution from initial survey, design, drawing and manufacture, through to final installation and test.

We can provide support and maintenance of heritage OEM equipment supplied by the likes of Plessey, BAE, Marconi and other major system suppliers. 

We own the IP and in many cases the original tooling of Andrews, Quasar Microwave, Gabriel Microwave and Mid Century so we can facilitate the supply of spares, modifications and upgrades to older systems.

Our engineers have worked on many programmes, platforms including the following:

Type 45 Destroyers


Landing Platform Docks

Patrol Protection

RFA Supply Ships

Type 22 Frigates

Type 23 Frigates

Type 26 Frigates

Type 42 Destroyers

Astute Class Submarines

Weapons systems, specifically seeker head components

Tracking, jamming and listening systems.

Let's Work Together

Our expert satellite ground equipment team is on hand to help you chose or configure the optimal SatCom, SatTV, or Indoor GNSS solution for your needs.