We have a wide range of products for satellite communications including Data Over Satellite (DOS) and Direct To Home (DTH) applications and other precision manufactured components to suit all your needs.

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We can provide solutions whether you are working on installing a new complete system, upgrading an old one or need a replacement part.

Antenna with motorisation
Motorized, automated tracking and transportable antenna systems

We have a range of systems for ground stations and transportable antenna systems to enable easy tracking of satellite signals.

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Fibre IRS kit

Transmitting, receiving and distribution of satellite signals are easy with our wide range of electronics to create a complete system or just get the one device you need.

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Diagram of satellite signal repeaters set up
Satellite signal repeater systems

We have a unique range of products which enable the transfer or extension of satellite signals indoors including aircraft hangers and underground for Iridium, Inmarsat and GPS.

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GTU Multiswitch
RF over fibre and fibre to the home

Transmit your signals more effectively across large distances and to thousands of locations using our Fibre Integrated Reception System.

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Waveguide bend

Extensive range of standard & custom components for flexible and rigid waveguides used in a wide range of equipment from radar to radiotherapy.

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If you need a custom product for your business or customers then speak to our team of engineering experts for advice and support to develop the best product for your requirements.