Research and Development

Across Global Invacom we have specialist engineers and designers who are creating the next generation of satellite communications antennas and electronics.

As more people start to make use of internet satellite connections we are creating new equipment that sets industry standards and developing customised equipment for clients’ particular needs around the world.

State of the art laboratories

Utilising the latest 3D-simulation software, our engineers are able to prove product design to exact results. In addition we have invested in our own environmental testing facility, to ensure performance at all required operating temperatures and conditions and to guarantee product reliability and lifetime.

We have a full range of test equipment and software including:

Network Analysers

Spectrum Analysers

Noise Figure Analysers

Linear/Non-linear Simulation 3D HFSS Software (for simulation of all microwave structures)

3D Mechanical CAD

Environmental Facility

Advanced antenna design

We are a pioneer in developing new antenna designs. Our extensive capabilities in CAD, solid modeling, RF simulation, prototyping and design for manufacture allow us to meet stringent technical performance requirements while providing the value our customers demand.

Antenna engineers utilize the most up to date recognized industry standard electromagnetic design tools to accurately and efficiently design our products. These include:

CST Design Studio, for the design and analysis of a variety of products such as feeds, orthomode transducers, filters, polarizers etc and even full antenna systems.

We also utilize the latest CUDA enabled GPU technology, which enables us to dramatically speed up simulation times.

TICRA’s GRASP and POS, for the design and optimization of antenna optics such as multi-beam, dual optics and shaped reflectors.

QuickWave-V2D, for the design of axisymmetrical devices such as feeds, filters and splashplate antennas.

Waveguide development services

Our team has fully comprehensive design solutions for precision waveguide components and sub-systems using an extensive range of components and technologies.

From initial concept development to CAD, mechanical, RF and microwave design we can create specific waveguides to fit your needs and then make and install them for you.

Testing facilities and techniques

Our Mechanical Design Engineers use a variety of world class tools to assure the mechanical integrity and longevity of our products utilizing products including Solidworks for design, Solidworks Flow Simulation (CFD) for Wind Load analysis, and ANSYS Finite Element or Solidworks Finite Element software for structural analysis.

We use cutting edge FARO and LEICA Laser scanners to measure the surface accuracy and the critical dimensions of reflectors, as well as our other components.

In the USA our testing facilities play an integral role in the continuing evolution of the company’s antenna research and development efforts and include a state-of-the-art 100 GHz Compact Test Range which can test antennas up to 4m in diameter at C Band and Ku Band, and up to 1.8m at Ka Band.

This range is complemented by a near field scanner capable of testing antennas up to 1m in diameter at Ka Band and an anechoic chamber that can test feed components at frequencies up to 40GHz.

These test ranges are recognized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Chinasat, and Anatel for antenna and feed certification testing.

Our lab is also equipped with a Salt Fog Chamber to test painted or pre-coated metal components to ASTM B117 standards. We also utilise environmental test chambers to measure the effects of extreme cold or heat on our antenna structures and feed components.

Let's Work Together

Our expert satellite ground equipment team is on hand to help you chose or configure the optimal SatCom, SatTV, or Indoor GNSS solution for your needs.