Sustainability Report

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What we do to help our global communities and the environment.

The Board of Directors disclose our environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices and performances and produced our sixth sustainability report (“SR”) to shareholders, for the financial year ended 31 December 2023.
During the year in review the Board had assessed the material ESG factors and found that there was no requirement to include additional or to remove existing material factors. With climate change becoming an ever increasing global concern, the Board is mindful of the Group’s operations and their environmental impact and the Group has now added carbon emissions into the SR.

We remain committed to creating constant growth through sustainable practices and effort. As a good corporate citizen, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. We have reduced the use of plastics in packaging for clients and continue to identify and implement energy reduction initiatives going forwards, which may include the use of renewables.

Our various facilities largely draw their workforces from the local communities in which they are based and we make available an amount for each company to support local charitable causes. Going forwards, we intend to review and ideally increase our charitable involvement and contributions to the various local communities in which we operate.

Read our full sustainability report from our 2023 annual report.

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