Worldwide Distribution

We manufacture our products across a number of continents to be as close as possible to our customers who cover over 120 countries worldwide.

We have a large network of distributors, agents and resellers who can help to source local stock of our products or we can ship globally as needed whether you are buying a product from our online store or placing a large custom order with our sales team.

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Materials & Logistics

Our supply chain teams source reliable, reputable vendors that offer competitive prices to procure materials and components for projects. Our supply chain facility supports the material buyers at each manufacturing site to help source the best value for money suppliers as well as new sources.

We offer our customers flexible, just-in-time delivery programs allowing product shipments to be closely co-coordinated with customer’s inventory requirements. We also package products for shipment directly to our customers’ distribution channels.

Product distribution

We, and our global distribution partners, will stock products and parts in all regions of the world to ensure speedy availability and will work with major logistics organisations to provide the most suitable solutions for shipment requirements.

We work with customers’ supply chains, providing local, regional and global solutions to deliver products at the right time and at the right cost including:

Cross docking

VMI programs



Dock to Stock

Our worldwide facilities, distributors, agents and resellers

We have local partners who have stock of our products or who can source in bulk from us for you directly. By manufacturing across the world and having an extensive network of partners we can deliver products and installations fast, wherever you are.

Contact our regional sales team who can help to get products to you directly or who will set you up with a local partner in your country for faster provision of high volumes of products.


Global Invacom in Asia

We have representatives from our sales team, manufacturing facilities, support teams and a distribution network across the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, India.

Global Invacom in the Americas

We have representatives from our sales team, manufacturing facilities, support teams and a distribution network across North, Central and South America including USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Caribbean islands, Panama, Chile, Brazil and Peru.

Our facility in Smithfield, North Carolina, has been manufacturing high quality communications products for over 60 years and in 2004 it produced the world’s first Ka consumer broadband antenna and since 2009 the facility has manufactured over 3.8 million of them.

Global Invacom in Europe and Africa

Across the UK we have sales and support teams with manufacturing facilities for antennas and waveguides.

Across Europe and Africa we have a range of sales, support and distributors to enable fast delivery of our products and technical experts who can advise on a range of specifications and system set ups.

Let's Work Together

Our expert satellite ground equipment team is on hand to help you chose or configure the optimal SatCom, SatTV, or Indoor GNSS solution for your needs.