Industries we supply

We supply products and services to a wide range of industries in over 120 countries.

From satellite TV in your home, to medical devices used in radiotherapy, through distribution of signals via fibre and providing internet connections in remote areas.

Satellite antenna mounted on a roof
Data over Satellite

As a world leading provider of satellite communications ground equipment we have solutions for antennas, electronics for receiving, transmitting and distributing signals and waveguides.

We have a wide range of products and solutions for Data Over Satellite (DOS) transfer, direct to home (DTH) TV and signal transfer for indoor and underground use of GPS, Imarsat, Iridium and GNSS signals.


Sky TV antenna
Satellite TV distribution

We are a major supplier of consumer satellite antennas and electronics for receiving satellite TV signals in the UK, USA and worldwide.

We provide fibre and coaxial products used in the distribution of these signals across entire buildings or even thousands of homes from a single satellite antenna.


Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)

We manufacture many specialist waveguide components for use in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) arena. Most parts operate at very high power and are produced to exacting quality standards and utilise the full range of our expertise.


Communications and aerospace

We are a major supplier of waveguides to the global cellular infrastructure industry supplying leading OEMs, installers and distributors. 



We have a range of products designed for harsh environments and military use for communications and waveguides as part of other military systems.

Our fibre optic links are used around the world on numerous different military platforms, whether fixed applications or mobile, land based, airborne or maritime.


What we do

Let's Work Together

Our expert satellite ground equipment team is on hand to help you chose or configure the optimal SatCom, SatTV, or Indoor GNSS solution for your needs.