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Latest Products

New SCADA System bundle now available

Global Invacom Group have announced their latest bundles of products for hubs and remote locations.

These innovative new equipment bundles create a straightforward set up to receive and transmit signals for a complete and private networking solution, capable of reaching any SCADA and M2M Telemetry site. Compatible with both IP and legacy serial devices, they operate independently from terrestrial communications systems.

New Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT RF BUC's

Global Skyware is pleased to announce the availability of new Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT RF BUC’s to extend the range of the current VSAT RF Electronics product portfolio. The new Ku BUC’s allow Global Skyware to offer a range of power options from 1.5W to 50W and for C-Band from 5W-40W.

All products are certified and tested for compatibility with the Global Skyware antennas, tracking/steerable antennas, feeds and flyaways, and are available from stock from the UK, Asia and the USA, together with mounting hardware.

The new OTx from Global Invacom

Introducing the new OTx, a new headend which can convert both satellite and terrestrial RF into optical signals that are fully compatible with all the current FibreIRS equipment and designed for future compatibility.

New O2O

The O2O replaces the O2E and the ODU32 combining two functions into one unit. It receives an optical signal in and has two optical signals out regenerating the signal back to its original power for FibreIRS system expansion.

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