Global Skyware launches private SCADA Satellite networking system Hub and Remote Terminals.

Scada system
  • New bundles of antennas, VSAT transceiver, hub and remote router available for SCADA Satellite communications networks.
  • All RF equipment designed and manufactured by Global Skyware
  • The platform is a complete and private satellite networking solution capable of reaching any SCADA and M2M Telemetry site

Global Skyware has announced their latest SCADA products for hubs and remote locations which continue their legacy of developing world leading satellite communications ground equipment.

These new equipment bundles create a straightforward set up to receive and transmit signals for a full private networking solution, capable of reaching any SCADA and M2M Telemetry site. It is compatible with both IP and legacy serial devices (RTU’s) and operates independently from terrestrial communications systems, thus providing dedicated and secure data communications for mission-critical traffic.  

For the Hub site, Global Skyware uses its own Class III Ku-band antenna and VSAT Ku transceiver, complimented with the 3500 Hub, which is a fully integrated satellite modem and router in a 1U form factor, designed to mount in a standard 19” rack. 

For the remote site Global Skyware uses its own Class I Ku-Band antenna and VSAT Ku transceiver (same as the hub site). The 3500 Remote terminal solution is optimised for SCADA and M2M Telemetry applications in harsh and remote environments. It is available as a 1U or Desktop mounting modem. It supports concurrent transport of legacy asynchronous serial and IP based communications protocols without needing media converters.

With the Hub placed on your premises, organisations can fully control the network via NMS or integrate with existing systems via SNMP. The 3500 platform is highly scalable making it suitable for both small and medium sized networks. 

Other features of the platform set up include:

  • RF equipment from Global Skyware’s own product portfolio
  • Flexible inbound access scheme i.e. TDMA, Enhance Slotted Aloha and PPR
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation to support VoiP and visual image transmission
  • On-the-fly payload compression for more efficient use of bandwidth
  • Protocol acceleration for legacy serial protocols to minimise latency
  • Power saving features to minimise load on solar/battery power sources
  • AES-256 encryption option for enhanced cyber security
  • OTA firmware upgrades to minimise site visits
  • Geo-Redundancy or hot-standby hub options
  • SNMP interface on NMS for existing NMS systems

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